W.O.W Arrangements

Turn your dreams into reality with W.O.W Arrangements!


W.O.W Arrangements is a wedding coordination service. I specialise in coordinating professionally arranged weddings both rapidly and efficiently, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and client satisfaction at all times.

The demand for the service is determined by the level of couples planning to get marry each year. At present the figure is estimated at some 300,000. This is a 3 per cent fall from 2007. As the economy becomes less uncertain due to the recession the figures are predicted to rise above the current 300,000 couples per year.

 Unlike most wedding planners who charge a percentage of the total wedding, my clients will know in advance exactly how much my service will be and are therefore more able to budget themselves accordingly.

The service I provide will help couples to achieve the “Wedding of their dreams” no matter what the size of their budget is and without all of the stress involved in planning such a major event.