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What does a Wedding Coordinator do?

On your wedding day a professional Wedding Coordinator is responsible for ensuring coordination of events on the day, management of supplier deliveries and the flow of guests, and can assist with your instruction on the design and décor of the wedding ceremony and reception venues. 

What is a Wedding Planning Consultation?

This is where we focus with every nearlywed. You and your partner will invest anywhere from one to three hours, as your Wedding Planner learns as much as possible about your wedding ideas and personalities, concerns and stresses for your wedding, and much, much more.

Your Wedding Coordinator will do this with three goals in mind; first to get a snapshot of where your wedding plans are right now; secondly, to clarify your wedding ideas; and thirdly, to get the crucial information needed to create your personalised Wedding Proposal.

Why Would I Need a Wedding Coordinator?

Every great achievement in our lives is surrounded by those who support, assist and advise us. Why should your Wedding Day be any different?

As the pace in the world increases our time is increasingly becoming a premium to us. It has become increasingly difficult for couples to keep up with the demands of their careers and every day lives while still finding time to research the latest and greatest in wedding trends, the best suppliers or to find the perfect venue. Having a Wedding Coordinator is no longer a luxury… it has become a necessity. On top of all this, clearly you can plan your own wedding without a wedding coordinator, but it’s almost impossible to ‘know it all’ planning a wedding for the first time.

Why have a Wedding Planning Consultation?

The Wedding Planning Consultation is for the Bride who wants to plan her own wedding or doesn’t know if she needs/wants to hire a Wedding Coordinator.

After we have completed a telephone/email chat with you, we will prepare for the Consultation so that when we meet, we will do the following:

*Show you sample contracts and give you direction as to things to look for before signing contracts with your wedding suppliers

*Assist you in creating a realistic budget for the wedding day you are planning

*Discuss decorations, themes, design, favours and original ideas to help create a unique wedding

*Answer any questions that you might have regarding your wedding

When should I book Wedding Planning Consultation?

Don’t delay, you don’t need to secure a date or a venue, a wedding coordinator can help with this and possibly be more effective. In the current climate, you should consult with a wedding coordinator when you decide to get married. To avoid disappointment get things underway as soon as you can. Some Wedding Venues are currently becoming fully booked up in excess of 18-24 months ahead.

Who uses a Wedding Coordinator?

W.O.W Arrangements often receive enquiries from brides and grooms who contact us right up until the week before their wedding to consult and book a Wedding Coordinator to assist final preparations or simply be there on the wedding day.

Why use a Wedding Coordinator?

Benefits of using a Wedding Coordinator include:

*  Freeing up family members or friends from needing to assisting with onerous tasks which might provide stress or otherwise take away from their enjoyment of your wedding

*  Management of suppliers - i.e. overseeing and checking deliveries, addressing supplier problems

* Liason with the venue to ensure a good flow of the day, atmosphere and environment by perceiving and addressing issues which could otherwise have created problems - i.e. setting guest seating plans incorrectly, not managing timings and presenting cold or overcooked food, diffusing problems created by guests who may be emotional or have consumed to much alcohol

*  Professional risk assessment of the venue and your itinerary to identify any potential hazards, problems or timing issues which could impact your wedding plans or the pleasure and enjoyment of you and your guests. 

Using us as your Wedding Coordinators you can feel confident in our ability to deliver precision organisation and coordination to ensure you and all your guests enjoy the perfect wedding day.  

What can you expect from your co-ordinator?


       ...who can advise what to do and when to do it


       ...who knows the latest wedding trends


       ...who works with you to get you the best quality and price possible


        ...to liaise with all your suppliers to create an overall effect


        ...to deal with any problem that arises.


        ...to anticipate the things you’ve forgotten


        ...to help smooth over any family difficulties as an independent diplomat


        ...to create your vision of the big day - within the budget you have

What’s so special about W.O.W Arrangements?

We still believe in customer service. We are a small but dynamic company that believes in putting your needs first and in building a good working relationship with everybody else involved.

We work on a fixed fee basis rather than on commission. So we have a better incentive to get you the best deal and you know in advance how much you need to budget for.

We like to offer you a free personal consultation before you decide on anything. And we don’t believe in the hard sell either - you make your booking decision after we’ve gone.

Our standard fee includes us being there on the wedding day to make sure everything runs according to plan. We get tapped on the shoulder, not you!

We don’t work to normal office hours so you can call us when you need to - evenings and weekends included. And we respond to emails so you are always kept up to date.

We are both competitive and affordable. We also aim to save you as much as possible by suggesting the best value suppliers, negotiating hard and watching out for inflated quotes.

We work to the highest professional standards, and expect your suppliers to do likewise. We believe in quality!

And needless to say, we aren’t at all like the Hollywood image of bridal consultants trying to take over and stage manage the whole event. We prefer to use our knowledge to turn your vision of the wedding day into reality, whilst minimising your stress levels.

How long has W.O.W Arrangements been in business?

W.O.W Arrangements, in its current form, burst into life in late 2009  But Kate herself has been organising weddings, directing major productions, performing herself in major productions, on and off, for over fourteen years.